Finding Seasonal Positions Through Online Job Boards: Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for a seasonal job? With the help of online job boards and hiring websites, it has become easier than ever to find seasonal positions. However, it is important to start your job search early and use the advanced search options to narrow down the results. Additionally, staffing agencies can be a great resource for finding the right part-time seasonal job. To ensure that you are safe from job scams, false opportunities, or advertisements, it is best to use a trusted website like FlexJobs.

When searching for seasonal jobs on major job search forums, you can use the advanced search options to search by type of position and narrow the results to include only job offers with seasonal hours. Additionally, you can post seasonal jobs on your career website and other job boards such as LinkedIn or Indeed. To make it easier for candidates to find these jobs, you can add a label or filter for “temporary jobs” on your company's employment page. The FlexJobs career guidance team has summarized several tips that can help you get the perfect remote job during the holidays or summer seasons.

Job fairs, especially virtual job fairs held on online hiring platforms, are great for fast, high-volume hiring as they can introduce you to a lot of candidates in one place and reduce the amount of time needed to hire. Many jobs to work from home during the holidays are in the customer service and retail industries, but there are also great jobs in other fields such as accounting (26% finance) and human resources (26% hiring). To help job seekers find seasonal work this fall and winter, FlexJobs has identified 11 companies that are currently hiring workers for seasonal remote jobs. There are a variety of great seasonal work options to consider if you're looking for a job for a specific time of year or if you want to make a career combining different types of seasonal work.

Start your job search early by looking for open positions before the season begins and use trusted websites like FlexJobs to ensure that you are safe from job scams.