Are there any tips for staying safe when using online job boards?

Evaluate the entire website, perform a search on the company's website, and consider contacting the company directly if you have any questions about its legitimacy. Consider deleting sensitive information from your resume, such as your home address. You can also use a forwarding phone number instead of your real phone number. Most people looking for work try to make it as easy as possible for employers to get in touch with them.

This could mean providing contact information, including cell phone numbers, home addresses, personal emails, etc. However, doing this isn't necessary and can be extremely dangerous behavior to practice online. Limit the contact information you provide. You can also set up a specific email account for your job search to further limit unwanted applications.

You may be sharing more personal information online than you think. Take some time to review your social media profiles to make sure you're staying safe. Confirm the employer's identity with an in-person interview or video call. Don't just accept a job via email, phone, or a chat application.

While job search scams abound, conducting a safe job search also includes protecting you and your information. Research the employer online before applying for a job to ensure that the company and the job are legitimate. At some point, you'll find employment, and it would be a good idea at that point to delete your resume from the sites and job boards where you posted it. According to the FBI, fraudsters take advantage of people who apply for jobs by creating false job offers to obtain personal information.