How do job board make money?

Many popular job boards continue to generate billions in revenue. Job portals like Careerbuilder, Monster and Indeed are here and aren't going anywhere. The number one method that job boards use to earn money is by charging employers for job offers. What employers expect in return is the number of applicants they are satisfied with.

Therefore, the more qualified candidates you submit, the more you can charge employers per job offer. Job boards are a great way to monetize your community. They generally earn money by charging a fee to both the candidate and the recruiter. The company has 50 on-staff consultants who help job seekers optimize their LinkedIn profiles and resumes, write cover letters and apply for jobs on behalf of applicants.

Many job boards show the number of applications that employers will receive through their service on their pricing page. However, if you run a specialized job board with a smaller resume database, you can give employers access to your entire database and charge the same amount or even more money, since you'll offer candidates who are primarily in their target niche. Unless you can provide this service yourself, you'll have to divide the income between your own site and an external company that provides the service, but it's important to have multiple sources of income and this is another one that can be added to any decent job board. These three components are the most important prerequisites you must have if you want to make money with a WordPress job board.

Companies also tend to want to be proactive in hiring, so job boards also charge them for access to their resume databases. Job boards can also generate some extra money if they're willing to fill their ads with vacancies available elsewhere. If jobs are also available for free on other aggregators, job seekers will quickly discover it and your brand could be affected. Sometimes, job boards also earn additional income by offering to manage the entire hiring process for their clients.

After all, a job board is a website, and just like any other website, you can sell space on your website to Google advertisers. In addition to being a way to boost a job offer and earn money from it, it's an option to keep the job seekers in your audience interested. There are several sources of income that you can easily develop if you want to create your own job board. To get a better idea, you can take a look at some of the niche-specific job boards that have already become successful online businesses (e.g., keep in mind that placing too many ads on your job board can have a negative impact on the credibility of your brand and the appearance of your website).

With millions of people underemployed, high-level job boards that connect qualified applicants with employers have never been more important. However, keep in mind that the efficiency of each method must be analyzed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis, so you should experiment with different ways to find out which one works best on your job board website.