How to Make the Most of Your Job Search

Job searching can be a long and arduous process, with the average search lasting five months. With so much time and effort involved, it's important to make sure you're making the most of your job search. To do this, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest job postings, network with other professionals, and create an impeccable resume that highlights your value. Most job sites use freshness as a factor in ranking job search results.

This means that new job postings of the day tend to appear in email updates and on the front pages of job boards. By staying on top of these postings, you can double the number of candidates you would receive on a day with few candidates. Additionally, having a connection with someone who can recommend a job to you is a good reason to submit your job application late, even if the offer has been active for a while. When it comes to applying for jobs, it's important to consider the type of job you're looking for, the industry you're working in, and the demand for someone with your credentials.

This will help you determine how many jobs you should apply for and how much time you should spend on your job search. According to a CareerBuilder survey, job seekers spend an average of 11 hours a week looking for work. Even if a position has been vacant for some time, it may still be worth applying for if you're a strong, highly qualified candidate. In fact, 60 percent of jobs are found through networks rather than online job postings.

Working with current job offers can help speed up your job search and ensure that you don't waste time. Finally, even if a job offer has been removed from the website or is no longer active, it may still be worth applying for if you come across it during a job board or an Internet search.