Is it Worth Applying to a Job Posted Two Weeks Ago?

Are you considering applying to a job that was posted two weeks ago? It's worth considering, as being one of the first to put your name and resume before the eyes of a recruiter can only benefit you. After all, a Brazen report revealed that 43% of job offers are covered in the first 30 days. However, it's still worth a try even if you submit your application later. Just keep in mind that you may not even be examined if you submit your application long after the job was posted.

There's really nothing to lose, except some time gathering the application materials. This isn't something you can accurately predict with any type of position you find on Indeed. Nor is it true that if you apply when the job is one day old, the position suddenly won't have dozens or hundreds of applications. These ads can easily stay open for more than 30 days and generate the same number of requests from people who see them.

One thing I've noticed about job applications on career websites is that when they say a period of time, they're typically referring to the period in which the job was posted on their website. Often, job sites post a job offer a few days (or weeks) after the company's internal site, so they're not as “up to date” as they'd like you to think. It also varies depending on the type of position; for example, an entry-level, low-qualified position can be filled very quickly with qualified candidates from the first week, while a higher-level and more qualified position can often take months. Sometimes an employer finds the right candidate, extends a job offer, and the person looking for work rejects it. In conclusion, it's worth applying to a job posted two weeks ago.

You may not be one of the first applicants, but there's still a chance that you could be considered for the role. Just make sure that your application materials are up to date and tailored to the position.