What is the difference between a job board and a job search engine?

In a nutshell, a job board is a website that publishes jobs offered by employers, while job search engines scour the web and aggregate job offers from job boards and employer websites. A job board is a website where employers and internal or external recruiters can post job offers. It's also the place where job seekers can search for and apply for job opportunities. Unlike job search sites, on a job board you can find different jobs posted by employers on those websites.

A job board is a website that shows a list of jobs posted by employers or even recruiters. These sites allow candidates to create their profiles and apply to any opportunity they want. They also often charge employers to publish their ads. Some of these platforms allow recruits and employers to advertise jobs for free, while others offer premium paid job advertisements.

Basically, a job board sells job offers or job details, while job search engines use a performance-based mechanism to advertise job offers. Therefore, you should be a job board instead of just restricting yourself to a search engine, if you want a large number of employers and candidates to use your services. Yes, you'll compete directly with other providers in terms of job offers when you start advertising jobs online. The job search engine shows aggregated job offers from other websites from different employers, such as Google Careers or LinkedIn.

The online recruitment industry comprises recruitment companies, job search engines, job boards, and professional networking platforms. A generalist job board reaches a wide and diverse audience in all industries, sectors and types of employment. Employers usually pay a fee to the job board to publish their offers on the site; in essence, the site stores the resume and sells accessibility to employers. While both are aimed at finding work for the modern job seeker, some key differences are overlooked.

These were the first two job boards in the United States and they helped to generalize the whole concept. However, job boards seem to be a better option between the two, either from the perspective of the employer or from the perspective of a candidate. Bestalent is a global employment and hiring site with a mission to help candidates from all over the world find jobs and companies that they like.